Our Mission

As the conflict in Sudan continues, thousands of lives have been taken and millions of people are displaced from their homes. Among those displaced are innocent children, some of whom have been separated from their parents or guardians.

Many of these displaced Darfuian Refugees have fled to neighboring countries like Ethiopia. This is where our support begins. We focus on displaced youth who have been brave enough to make it across the border. We meet them right in the camp and provide the necessities they need. In many cases, we successfully sponsor the immigration process to permanently relocate refugees to the comforts of Canada.

How You Can Help

Any person who is passionate about the well-being of the affected Dafurian people is encouraged to get in touch with us immediately!

We are in need of donations, not only in cash, but also supplies, and caring people. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you want to be involved!

No matter how many people become involved there is always room for more. Right now we are only able to reach a small fraction of the youth who need us. Your donations pay for vital supplies, education, and comfort for some of the most vulnerable people on the planet.

Every Donation Helps

Our organization is founded by Mr. Abdurahim Abdulaziz, a Darfurian refugee who experienced the struggle first hand. Your donation is carried from and delivered by Abdurahim personally while our community grows.

Abdurahim has traveled from his new home in Canada, back to the border of Ethiopia to personally care for the crossing children. He has a team of people helping him and sees to it that every penny of the much-needed resources reaches these vulnerable children.

Unlike larger organizations, ODRI does not use donations for overhead expenses or salaried employees. Each and every penny is used to fund travel, food, and other supplies.

In Memory of Mohamed

Years ago, Abdurahim's childhood friend, Mohamed Ahmed, made a journey to escape the regime in Sudan. When Sudan became unlivable, Mohamed left and crossed the border into Egypt, where he was accepted as a refugee.

Life in Egypt was very uncomfortable because he was never granted citizenship. He was unable to work and became destitute. Seeking comfort, Mohamed continued his journey and took refuge in Israel. He lived in Israel for years but never achieved citizenship or meaningful employment. After living away from his family for so long with no place to call home, Mohamed returned to Sudan to reunite with his kin.

Unbeknownst to Mohamed, the Sudanese laws had changed to forbid all travel to Israel. Upon his arrival to Sudan, it was discovered he had been to Israel and he was executed upon his arrival.

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