What We Do

It is our mission to provide relief to refugees from the western region of Sudan known as Darfur. The region has been in a state of humanitarian crisis since 2003. The complex problems in the region have created numerous political, economic, and social problems for its civilians. Due to these issues, millions of people have been displaced and now require our help as there is no end in sight. We help this displaced population in numerous ways through fundraising and volunteer work. Using our funds we help the displaced relocate to safety and eventually help them find a permanent home.

Once these refugees cross the border into Ethiopia, Egypt, Israel, and other countries they are sent to refugee camps where they will still require a lot of help to progress their living conditions. We provide basic necessities such as food, water, shelter, and sanitation facilities. Once the basic needs are met we also help refugees receive a primary school education as well as help place them into highschools or colleges in Ethiopia. If a refugee is located in Egypt or Israel we work to get them a sponsor in Canada as they are not able to return to Sudan.

Who We Help

Due to the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Sudan, many citizens are fleeing the country to border countries and relocating to refugee camps within them. These refugees are who we are trying to help. Once they reach these camps there are limited supplies due to the large number of people being displaced from the Darfur region in Sudan. It is our goal to help fundraise the necessary capital to cover the expenses required to assist in this transitional period. Many refugees leave their country with nothing but the shirt on their back so once they arrive they really need our help. We work tirelessly to ensure the basic necessities are available to them upon arrival. This includes things such as food, water, clothing, shelter, and sanitation facilities. We also fund educational programs to provide up to a primary level of education and assist in placing refugees in secondary and post-secondary schools.  Millions of Sudanese have been affected by this crisis and they need our help during these difficult times.

How We Fundraise

Every day we work hard to provide Darfurian refugees in need with the basic necessities of daily life as well as provide them advocacy and education. The cost of this can be quite high and any donations can help. We fundraise in numerous ways to help ensure there is adequate funding for those who need it. The ODRI has built a strong relationship with religious charities that help to keep this cause in the public eye. There are many ways to contribute other than through these charities. You can donate directly through the website, volunteer your time for one of our events, or sign up to become an advocate for our cause. If you have any questions please contact us today to find out more about how you can help!

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